The voice of the soul...
                                                                             To listen to the way of the !


My name is Moniq Clerc, I am a Happy Human Being!

Married to the most wonderful man, we live in the Township of Jura, in Switzerland.

I worked during 19 years in health care and in the social fields, meanwhile, since 1991, I was trained in Non Violent Communication (CNV) with Marshall Rosenberg and his assistants.

I initiated a serious work on assisted personal development enabling me to live a better connection to myself and others.

Being a storey teller I love to make people dream.

In 1996, I was privileged and fortunate to meet and follow the teachings of Mrs Rita Earey, English famous medium, until her retirement in 2001. She taught me honesty with oneself and with others and to be natural and humble in the joy of being linked to life!

Rita has the strength of a beautiful humanity. She's not just a talker and teacher; she is the spiritual values of medium ship. Thank you dear Rita for all you brought me and I really wish your teaching accompanies me in my everyday life and in the life of those who walk beside me.

During more than 10 years, I attended the seminaries of the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted/England, organized by Mrs Janet Parker, English medium, and shamanism with Maureen Murnan, shaman and English medium. Both are recognized and work since many years in medium ship.

I followed the teachings of mediums such as : Steven Upton, Eamonn Downey, Janet Parker, Libby Clark, and Paul Jacobs, and approached the knowledge of other mediums as: Su Wood, Thelma Francis, Simon James, Stella Upton, Matthew Smith, Brian Robertson, Mallory Stendall, and Kitty Woud.

Since 2003, I’ve been working in individual consultations, personal sessions, and in workshops/trainings, to develop one’s own medium ship. I also perform in public, wonderful evenings of sharing and give conferences  to help change the fears and beliefs.

I work in Switzerland and France.

I created a Code of Ethics in 2009 and on January the 8th 2010 we founded the first annual Psychic Revue of the French speaking part of Switzerland followed by Number 2 in 2011 and Number 3 this next 21st of March.

I'd be eager to work on new projects and proposals.

Sharing these teachings is my priority in order to keep… learning!
My intention is to live in joy and give the people the chance to be linked with their soul!

My desire to serve Medium ship with heart, honesty and clarity, here is a new code of ethics

What is medium ship?

Medium ship is our capacity to be a link between the visible and the invisible. Linked to the Spirit world, we are able to really meet ourselves and understand the path of our life! By creating this connection with persons who preceded us in Death, we become conscious that life continues after life, that our relatives are there to guide us, and that they wish to accompany us and help us!

Medium ship is practiced in the respect of the work of the soul, without any drama or manipulation. It is guidance in respect of the free-will of each one!

It is the meeting between two worlds, with an aim of love and joy!


Medium ship allows to build one’s future but not to predict it!

Through the practice of meditation, through various group exercises helping to develop our medium ship, for instance: psychometric, reading the aura, psychic art, spiritual contact…

 Working with Honesty, Humanity, Humility, and… Humour!

- To improve the quality of our inner life.
- To find calmness, serenity and joy.
- Not only for our well-being but also for those who are close to us.
- To develop self-confidence and confidence in life!
- To open ourselves to life after life!

Who for?
For any person who wishes to evolve, to know more about one’s self and to develop medium ship abilities.

All this work of exercising, learning and training enables you to find self-confidence, to develop your intuition but does not lead you to become a professional medium nor to use medium ship in your work.

Learning medium ship must be done in good physical and psychological conditions.
I don’t recommend you to get involved in medium ship if you have important physical or psychological problems.

►Various services are available: seminars, private sittings, public demonstrations, conferences, contact me if you want to work with me !



Moniq Clerc, by mail, click here…!

NB: Please email me in French as much as possible (I only speak French). If you only speak English don’t worry a nice friend of mine will translate your mail and my answer to you.

Welcome to all, it will be a wonderful pleasure to meet you!